About Us

Priyanka Rathi created Nekewlam. On a personal trip to India in spring season, while on a jewellery shopping spree, Priyanka realised that there was a huge void of the great heritage of elegant, flawless craftsmanship of Indian inspired fashion jewellery in Europe. Having recently parting ways with a Finance Analyst job in a giant Telco and wanting to do something of her own this felt like a perfect small venture to embark on. Soon after, ‘RANG – the colors of India’ was born. This was a trial and test phase whereby through small pop up shops Priyanka tested the potential of this idea in the UK. Soon came an overwhelming response to pioneering design of exquisite rings, dazzling earrings, unseen palm cuffs. Most of the customer feedback said that the products exuded – ‘Uniqueness’. Taking on board the feedback and something which resonated with all the products, RANG was rebranded to NEKEWLAM – which in Sanskrit means ‘Fabulously Unique’

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